ABOUT OUR CORPORATION Vietnam Hanfimex Corporation is a Vietnam leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of agricultural products. For over 30 years, we have built up a wide and strong network of loyal customers throughout the globe: Europe Union, Middle East, USA, Asia and other areas. The most frequently-exported products are pepper, desiccated coconut, cashew nuts, cassia and star anise. Those commodities are fully appreciated and we are pleased and proud to receive.

Our Mission

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    It's really our people that make our company, Vietnam Hanfimex Corporation, the kind of company it is. We recruit people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience..

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    Over the last 25 years that we have been in business, we at Hanfimex have competed and won on the strength of our intangible assets. Our people are our greatest intangible assets. We have attracted.

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    At Hanfimex, we continue to hire, engage, develop and retain both leaders and a diverse high-quality workforce, providing both with an inclusive work environment. Our employees worldwide work alongside.


It is our people who make value to our customers and make our company kind of company it is. We grow up day by day by learning over experience and developing necessary skills to meet the future demands Phung Sam - Chairman .