Turmeric is one of the species of genus Curcuma and botanically called Curcuma longa Linn. The genus comprises of “stemless” herbs with tuberous root stocks. These tubes are long and stalk like.

Out of total thirty five species present, turmeric or halad (Curcuma longa ) is the most famous member of genus Curcuma. The species is native to tropical regions of South East Asia. The presence of genus Curcuma species varies from region to region, for example, in India on can find upto six of them. While turmeric is most popular, many other species of genus Curcuma are also known from their health benefits.

The specifications as below

- Moisture: 12 % max

- Admixture: 0.5 % max

- Size: 100% through mesh 60 holes/cm2

- Packing: PP, PE (net 25/50kg)

- Container capacity: 17 MT/ 20FT

Origin: Viet Nam