Our continued focus on comprehensive sustainability standards  is a key driver in our business.

 Approaching internationally-accepted standards.

In fact we have obtained two widely- accepted certificates: ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP. We, Vietnam Hanfimex Corporation, have expanded  the market throughout the globe. Those certificates allow us to break into the toughest markets such as EU, US…To maintain the leading position, we guarantee the food quality and safety because we understand that those are the main contributor to our values.

1.2 million farmers in our sustainable supply chain.

The number of farmers involved with our work increases year by year which enables us to get sustainable resources.  We have many initiatives to increase the crop productivity which, in turn, improve the living standard. When our farmers feel comfortable with their lives, they definitely want to work with us in the long run. That is the reason why we assure the sustainable resources for our customers.

80 % of our farmers accessing the Internet to update modern farming.

The majority of our farmers are funded to approach the Internet since 2010. This policy is necessary for them to enhance their farming skills. With the support of the Internet, they study themselves to update advanced farming methods.

30+ sustainable products

Up to now, we have developed up to 30 sustainable products including pepper, desiccated coconut, cashew nuts, coffee beans… We are able to supply with large quantity and top quality in the long run over those commodities.

100,000 women economically-empowered

In fact, we pay special attention to women to enhance their lives. Our policy gives chance to women who are related with our jobs to escape from the poor lives. We know that when their standard living are better, they surely stay with us in the long run. 

Phung Sam - Chairman