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Our Company Development


Our Share Values

Over the last 25 years that we have been in business, we at Hanfimex have competed and won on the strength of our intangible assets. Our people are our greatest intangible assets. We have attracted leaders who have grown and developed an extraordinary combination of attributes including vision, passion, inventiveness, entrepreneurism, commitment and focused drive to make us a global leader in the supply chain management of agricultural commodities. It is our people who have contributed to building our culture into what it is today. This culture…

Corporate Culture

It’s really our people that make our company, Vietnam Hanfimex Group, the kind of company it is. We recruit people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experiences. At the workplace we pursue one common goal maximizing customers’ benefit.However when not at work, Hanfimexers pursue individual interests such as playing tennis, walking… because we know that as our people feel relaxed, they will perform best. We attempt to maintain the open culture in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. When you join the Company,…


At Hanfimex, we continue to hire, engage, develop and retain both leaders and a diverse high-quality workforce, providing both with an inclusive work environment. Our employees worldwide work alongside many unique individuals – entrepreneurs, technical specialists, suppliers, customers, government stakeholders – all doing their best to achieve mutual success. We have been very successful in retaining our talent, providing them with diverse experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our senior management team…


Vision and Principle

Our vision is considered as a framework for our future road and guides every aspect of our business by showing what we need to set priority in order to continue achieving sustainable and fast growth. We not only make our best effort to maximize our partners: Both farmers, employees and customers but also preserve the environment by developing sustainable products throughout our supply chain…



At Hanfimex, the end game for developing good corporate strategy is to make our business more valuable by establishing clear pathways for sustainable profitable growth that helps build fundamental intrinsic value. Over the years, we have performed consistently across both economic and commodity cycles. This success is due in part to a diversified and well-balanced portfolio of 20 agricultural commodities in 65 countries,…

Tran Mai Huong – Vice General Director

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